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Welcome to the PC Backup Network

PC Backup is committed to professional-level web development and hosting services, for small and medium size businesses. Our hosting currently includes internet domain management, web servers, server-side scripting, databases, and mail servers - just to name a few.

Our internet server environment can support your business customers and employees alike with critical information access. Web technologies are evolving rapidly, enabling a wide range of benefits to businesses to help set them apart from competition. In order to provide you with the most benefit, we are prepared to implement whatever systems you may require to realize those growing benefits.

Our current web server environment supports web development with HTML, Java, XML, Perl, CGI, and PHP, running on Linux servers that incorporate the Apache web server. Database environments currently include Oracle and MySQL, with the ability to implement other database servers such as PostGreSQL, Sybase, and many others. You may do your own development, but we are also capable of developing systems in all of these environments for you. Some examples can be provided for those interested in these capabilities.

While there are a growing number of companies offering some of these services, we are prepared to work with each customer to determine realistic needs and a development budget that fits those needs. Our belief is that you want a company you can trust to provide a complete solution that is based on your needs and budget. PC Backup is that company. If you are interested in further information about what PC Backup can do for you, please contact us using the information in the footer of these web pages.

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